Suzume's father
Biographical Information
Kanji 与謝野
Rōmaji Yosano
Physical Statistics
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Dark
Professional Status
Occupation -
Personal Status
Relatives Suzume Yosano (daughter)
Satoko Yosano (wife)
Yukichi Kumamoto (brother-in-law)
Manga day.1

Suzume's father is the father of Suzume and the brother-in-law of Yukichi. He is also the husband of Satoko Yosano. Due to him transferring to Bangladesh for work, Suzume has to move to Tokyo with her uncle.


Suzume's father has short, dark hair and wrinkles around his eyes.


Suzume's father does not show much of a specific personality in the three pages he appears in. However, he appears to care a lot about Suzume, as he is seen being given advice to her in day.4 while eating watermelon together.


  • Suzume and her father eating watermelon together


  • Suzume's father is one of the few characters without an animal in their name.


(To Suzume as a child) Listen well, Suzume. If you ever get lost in life, no matter what, continue forward. Whether it's toward the left or right, it doesn't matter. The more anxious people feel, the more likely they will take action.[1]


  1. Volume 1, day.4, Page 25


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