Satoko Yosano
Biographical Information
Kanji 与謝野 聡子
Rōmaji Yosano Satoko
Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Light
Professional Status
Occupation -
Personal Status
Relatives Suzume Yosano (daughter)
Suzume's father (husband)
Yukichi Kumamoto (brother)
Manga day.1

Satoko Yosano (与謝野 聡子, Yosano Satoko) is the mother of Suzume and the sister of Yukichi. She is also the wife of Suzume's father.


Satoko has short, light hair and wrinkles around her eyes.


Satoko cares very much for Suzume, and seems to be very tactful when it comes to things like love. She also seems to be somewhat strict, as she keeps Suzume back and makes her do chores when she comes back home to visit unexpectedly.


  • According to Suzume, one of Satoko's hobbies includes reading manga.
  • Her name is never revealed in the manga, and is only used in the live-action film adaptation.
  • Suzume's mother is one of the few characters without an animal in their name.



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