Sarumaru's mother
Biographical Information
Kanji 猿丸
Rōmaji Sarumaru
Animal in Name Monkey (猿)
Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Dark
Professional Status
Occupation Bakery owner
Personal Status
Relatives Kotetsu Sarumaru (son)
Manga Inside Sarumaru's Head

Sarumaru's mother is the mother of Sarumaru and the owner of her own bakery.


Sarumaru's mother has dark hair and eyes, and is seen wearing a chef's uniform while working at her bakery. She also has wrinkles near her eyes, indicating her age.


Sarumaru's mother appears to be rather strict towards Sarumaru when he is being disrespectful, especially to Kameyoshi, whom she refers to affectionately as "Kame-chan." She also becomes angry with him when he gets suspended for fighting, claiming that it was disgraceful he would get suspended for something like that, and that she didn't remember raising an idiot for a son.


  • Like Odawara, she has only been seen in Inside Sarumaru's Head.
  • The animal in Sarumaru's mother's name, monkey (猿), is the "saru" in "Sarumaru."



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