Ririko Nekota
Ririko Nekota
Biographical Information
Kanji 猫田 りりこ
Rōmaji Nekota Ririko
Animal in Name Cat (猫)
Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Yuyuka Nekota (older sister)
Manga day.38

Ririko Nekota (猫田 りりこ, Nekota Ririko) is Yuyuka's younger sister.


Unlike her sister, Ririko has darker-colored hair which she inherited from their father. Her eye color is unknown, but it is likely purple like her sister's. Additionally, she has a beauty mark near the bottom of her right eye.

It is also possible that Ririko also shares her sister's love for wearing make-up and being fashionable, as she is shown to have her nails painted with her hair done up.


Ririko knows her sister's real nature and how she acts towards her schoolmates. She is also straight-forward, proven when she replies "Sis, you have friends? Are you sure they're not your servants?" to Yuyuka when she says that they should stop their Christmas family tradition because she wanted to go out with friends.


During her only appearance, she is eating dinner with the rest of the Nekota family on Christmas.


  • Her only appearance is within day.38.
  • The animal in Ririko's name, cat (猫), is the "neko" in "Nekota." She has the same animal name as the rest of her family.



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