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Purple Love (はつ恋むらさき, Hatsukoi Murasaki) is a one-shot created in 2013 by the author of Hirunaka no Ryuusei, Mika Yamamori. It tells the story of Chidori, a high school girl who loves the taste of the soy sauce ice cream at one particular ice cream shop. It was included in the extras volume Bangai-hen.

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Chidori, a high school girl, loves the taste of the soy sauce ice cream at the ice cream shop owned by the Kuratsuki family, as it reminds her of the boy she likes, Tetsushi Kuratsuki. After he moves out of the countryside, however, and later returns completely changed and already with a girlfriend, she leaves without the ice cream, only to be comforted by Tetsushi's younger brother Tadashi, who is alluded to being Chidori's next love.

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