Biographical Information
Kanji 小田原
Rōmaji Odawara
Physical Statistics
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Dark
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives -
Manga Inside Sarumaru's Head

Odawara is a student in class 3 at Suzume's school. He has a crush on Kameyoshi and confesses to her, though she ends up rejecting him eventually.


Odawara has short, dark hair and dark eyes. In his school uniform, he is shown to have pushed his sleeves up. When later shown in casual clothing, he is wearing a plaid shirt tucked into a pair of jeans.


Odawara does not show much of a specific personality in the few pages he appears in. However, he mentions that the reason he is attracted to Kameyoshi is how she seems to live in a different world than his own. He also attempts to stand up for Kameyoshi when she gets into an argument with some delinquents, risking getting hurt in the process. Kameyoshi describes him as a "good person."


Odawara initially confesses to Kameyoshi in a classroom after school, introducing himself as a student of class 3. He tells Kameyoshi that he is attracted to how she seems to live in a world different than his own, and if she didn't mind, would like to start off as friends. The two decide to make a plan to see a movie over the weekend, but during their outing, Kameyoshi gets into an argument with some delinquents after they bumped into her and she wouldn't apologize, at which point Odawara tries to step in, but is beat when Sarumaru—who had been spying on them—comes in with a flying kick towards the group of delinquents. After the date, however, Kameyoshi tells Sarumaru that she rejected him, as they didn't have much in common.




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