Nana Kameyoshi
Biographical Information
Kanji 亀由 奈々
Rōmaji Kameyoshi Nana
Animal in Name Turtle (亀)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Birthday November 1st
Age 15-16
Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Height 154 cm (5'½")
Weight 43 kg (95 lbs)
Blood Type B
Hair Color Amber
Eye Color Amber
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives -
Manga day.3

Nana Kameyoshi (亀由 奈々, Kameyoshi Nana) is Suzume Yosano's friend and classmate. She is also friends with Yuyuka Nekota and Monika Tsurutani, the latter of whom she seems to spend a lot of time with.


Kameyoshi has amber eyes and an amber bowl haircut that has caused for her to be referred to as a "mushroom" by several characters, including Kotetsu Sarumaru.


Kameyoshi tends to like handsome men who are older than her, such as Suzume's uncle, Yukichi, and Mamura's father.



  • She has an extreme fascination with middle-aged men, especially with Suzume's uncle.
  • She has a part-time job.
  • She likes fizzy drinks.
  • She enjoys baseball and karaoke.
  • She likes to play video games, specifically Monster Hunter, which she often plays together with Kotetsu Sarumaru after school.
  • She often borrows CDs and DVDs from Sarumaru.
  • She wants a piercing, but is afraid to do it herself.
  • She is part of a side story based around herself and Sarumaru.
  • Despite having pink-colored eyes on the cover of volume 2, she is shown to have amber eyes in multiple other released artworks. This is similar to the case of Tsurutani, who was shown to have blue eyes on the cover of volume 2.
  • The animal in Kameyoshi's name, turtle (亀), is the "kame" in "Kameyoshi."


  • Kameyoshi anticipating Suzume's arrival in day.5
  • Kameyoshi surprised by Shishio's casual attire
  • Kameyoshi blushing after being confessed to by Odawara
  • Kameyoshi talking to Sarumaru
  • Kameyoshi turning around to look at Sarumaru


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