Cookie Girl, Cream Boy
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Volume Volume 5

Cookie Boy, Cream Girl (クッキーガール クリームボーイ, Kukkii-Gaaru Kuriimu-Booi) is a one-shot included in volume 5 of Hirunaka no Ryuusei, and is a spin-off from Mika Yamamori's previous work, Sugars. It depicts the love story of two characters, Asuka Fuji and Sen Naoki. It is sometimes known as chapter 34.1.

Short SummaryEdit

Asuka Fuji, a girl with naturally curly hair, is asked out by Sen Naoki, a first-year fair-skinned boy that she considers too elegant and elite for someone like herself. However, after sharing an umbrella with him one rainy afternoon and finding him alone in the music room playing on the piano, she finally starts to fall in love with him. Together, they are just like an Oreo; creamy and dark, steady and rough, a rather odd pair but happy nonetheless.

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