Hirunaka no Ryuusei follows the life of Suzume Yosano as she tries to adapt to city life and make relationships with the people around her. Hover to see a character's mini biography, or click to be sent to the character's page.

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Main Characters
SuzumeProfileSuzume Yosano
The protagonist of the series. She moved from the country to stay with her uncle in Tokyo due to her father's transfer.

ShishioProfileSatsuki Shishio
A friend of Yukichi's, as well as Suzume's high school homeroom teacher. He is also Suzume's first love.

MamuraProfileDaiki Mamura
The first male friend Suzume made once she came to Tokyo. He is also Suzume's second love.

YuyukaCharacterListYuyuka Nekota
The first female friend Suzume made when she came to Tokyo. Suzume often comes to her for relationship advice.

KameyoshiProfileNana Kameyoshi
Suzume's friend and classmate. She is also friends with Yuyuka and Tsurutani. She likes men older than her.

TsurutaniProfileMonika Tsurutani
Suzume's friend and classmate. She is also friends with Yuyuka and Nana. She is dating Inukai.

InukaiProfileManabu Inukai
Suzume's classmate and the class president. He is also friends with Mamura and Sarumaru. He is dating Tsurutani.

Sarumaru7Kotetsu Sarumaru
Suzume's classmate. He is friends with both Mamura and Inukai, as well. He is generally very cheerful and outgoing.

TogyuuProfileTogyuu Minagawa
Suzume's upperclassman. He initially comes off as a playboy, but has a genuine crush on Yuyuka.

YukichiProfileYukichi Kumamoto
Suzume's uncle and Shishio's friend. He takes care of Suzume, who lives with him in Tokyo.

TsubomiProfile2Tsubomi Kashima
Yukichi's friend and Shishio's ex-girlfriend. They broke up due to her job.

DaichiProfileDaichi Mamura
The younger brother of both Mamura and Daishi.

Mamura'sFather4Mamura's father
Daishi, Mamura, and Daichi's father. He was previously married to Mamura's mother.

Suzume'sMotherProfileSatoko Yosano
Suzume's mother and Yukichi's sister. She moved with her husband when he transferred.

Suzume'sFatherProfile2Suzume's father
Suzume's father. She moves to Tokyo due to his transfer to Bangladesh.

One of Shishio's students. He is often absent from school due to bullying.

A student of Shishio and a classmate of Suzume. She is one of the many girls who likes Mamura.

Ririko Nekota Character ListRiriko Nekota
The younger sister of Yuyuka. She, like her sister, appears to be very fashionable.

Yuyuka'sFatherProfile2Yuyuka's father
Yuyuka and Ririko's father. He is married to their mother.

Yuyuka'sMotherProfile2Yuyuka's mother
Yuyuka and Ririko's mother. She is married to their father.

YasuoProfileYasuo Minamoto
Suzume's friend and former classmate from when she lived in the country.

Daishi2Daishi Mamura
The older brother of both Mamura and Daichi. He is never mentioned outside of Mamura's flashback.

Mamura's mother1Mamura's mother
Daishi, Mamura, and Daichi's mother. She was previously married to Mamura's father.

A girl from Mamura's kindergarten who furthered Mamura's dislike of girls.

Samejima character listSamejima
A woman who lives in the apartment next to Shishio's. She seems to be interested in him.

Odawara Character ListOdawara
A student in the same year as Suzume. He confesses to Kameyoshi but is later rejected.

Sarumaru's Mother Character ListSarumaru's mother
Kotetsu Sarumaru's mother. She and her family own a family-run bakery.